Adolescence is a period brimmed with complications, change, and overwhelming emotions. Today, most adolescents suffer from emotional challenges. These mental health changes can be triggered by hormonal changes, puberty, environmental and family situations, and a sudden nostalgia for childhood.
With high-piled academic pressures and evolving friend circles resulting in an expanding disconnection between parents and their growing children, adolescents need more professional help to deal with the mental and physical changes in their life.
At El Consultorio our therapists work with adolescents through different techniques including play therapy, talk therapy, CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and more. Depression, stress, and anxiety in adolescents is also combined with occasional hypersomnia, fatigue, and a general lack of interest in academics, sports, and life. Our therapists aim to help your child regain their energy by providing them support and consultation. Our treatments are committed to helping them understand the evolving interpersonal dynamics of their life by bringing to them experienced support, while simultaneously building their trust.