Merriam Webster defines ‘neurofeedback’ as ‘the technique of making brain activity perceptible to the senses (as by recording brain waves with an electroencephalograph and presenting them visually or audibly) in order to consciously alter such activity.’
Neurofeedback therapy caters to people of all ages. Patients requiring neurofeedback therapy most often suffer from cognitive dysfunction, stress, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Autism, developmental delays, traumatic brain injuries, anxiety, depression, and seizures. This list is not complete and includes many other mental health conditions.
Neurofeedback therapies help mental health experts monitor your brain activity and interpret brainwave frequencies in order to customize a controlled treatment plan that yields more accurate and efficient results. Especially for clients suffering from chronic stress and insomnia, our mental health professionals will conduct an assessment, so they can give you explanations for results and create a treatment plan for you.