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El Consultorio, PLLC

Professional Counseling Services For the Latino Community


Bilingual Mental Health Therapists

All of our available therapist are bilingual (Spanish and English), providing specialized counselling to adolescents, children, adults and couples


Evening and Weekends Appointments!

We are available for daytime, evening, and weekend appointments


Due COVID-19 Most of our session are provided Online

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What We Do

Our Services

Our professional counselling services are for multicultural individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma, and domestic violence.

Individual Therapy

Allowing for dialogue to flow in a manner uninhibited and raw, individual therapy is a form of..

Child Therapy

Child therapy is often a discussion topic that may be highly sensitive and (at times) provocative for parents.

Adolescent Therapy

Adolescence is a period brimmed with complications, change, and overwhelming emotions.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy sessions are designed to understand in greater detail the de-tracking or varying routes a relationship adopts as it progresses onwards.

Family Therapy

Family can be an extremely complicated mix of individuals, with diverse personalities struggling to live together on the same wavelengths.


Merriam Webster defines ‘neurofeedback’ as ‘the technique of making brain activity perceptible to the senses…

About Us

Meeting the Needs of the Bilingual Community

At El Consultorio we specialize working with the Latino and Multicultural Communities in the area of Mental Health. We serve all age groups. Visit our site to know more about our services and to meet our team!

We are a team of highly skilled bilingual mental health experts who are catering to a burgeoning community of multilingual speakers, immigrants, and English speaking Latino and Hispanic individuals within the vicinity of Aurora, Colorado.

With ample empathy and compassion, our team specializes in the therapeutic treatment of individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Our mental health professionals are also well-experienced in counselling people facing domestic violence, trauma, relationships, family issues and LGBTQ community.

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Our Team

Meet Our Team

Highly-qualified, diverse, and bilingual, we have on board a team of culturally and linguistically competent mental health experts who are here for you with boundless warmth, understanding, and respect.

Kristine Ortega, MS, LPCC

Laura Flores, MA, LPC

Mauricio Carbone, MA, LPC

Patient Information

What to expect When
you arrive For your

Your appointment for psychotherapy is preceded with the filling out of an initial questionnaire, following which, our experts examine previous medical records and design a customized treatment plan for you. All of your data is entered onto a digitally secure online database.
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